Energy forecasting

Energy Production Forecasting Service for renewable energy plants


Data-Driven Renewable Energy Forecasting

Energy Production Forecasting Service for renewable energy plants

Renewable energy generation processes and their integration into electricity grids and electricity markets are highly exposed to uncertainty and volatility due to weather conditions.

Over the past 10 years Gnarum has developed a state-of-the-art renewable energy generation forecasting system that combines forecasts from the best international weather models (NWP) with a continuous integration of measured observations of generation asset output into an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm system.



Solar & Wind



Short Term / Real Time / TSO



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With access to the web platform, monitor master data, schedule unavailabilities, and view metered energy, forecasted energy, and deviation reports.

Available services

Real Time Energy Forecasting

Real-time Forecasting

Real-time forecasting service with continuous measurement integration and up to 24 daily forecast updates focused on trading in continuous market rounds (CIM).


Metering dispatcher

Remote metering service and control centre with connection to the installation’s meters and continuous integration in the FORECAST platform.


Ensemble learning

The combination of forecasting algorithms is composed of a series of multilevel algorithms with different characteristics, ranging from theoretical models capable of generating forecasts without historical metered energy data, to advanced machine learning-based models trained on continuous streams of plant production data.

ALGORITHMBest in class


Continuous Benchmarking

It allows the deviation trend in the algorithm of different suppliers to be continuously examined to ensure that the best option is always sent to the client/market.

This forecast/plant customisation significantly reduces deviations, thus reducing the risk of the entire portfolio of plants and, ultimately, achieving a much more robust forecasting service.

an optimised marketing strategy

FORECAST environment is able to integrate end-to-end and continuously with the power plant on the one hand and the electricity market on the other hand to optimise the market strategy in an automated way.

Enfoque Meter to Market - Entorno Forecast

Service applications


Tracking and monitoring of plant production

Real-time assessment of the gap between the forecast and real production by analysing the plant’s performance ratio.


Portfolio management

Operate a heterogeneous set of geographically dispersed plants in a robust and optimized way.


Operation & Maintenance

Battery charging and plant maintenance operations planning.

Energy trading

Reduce plant imbalance penalties through power forecast tailored to daily and intraday markets.


Grid operation

Highly accurate forecasts with continuous updates and very short horizon.


Energy sales revenue planning

Assessing next month’s expected revenues.

24x7x365 service

Ad-hoc service parameterisation

The combination of our technological capabilities and an R&D team dedicated exclusively to the continuous improvement of algorithms and data sources allows us to deliver production forecasts focused on the operation of highly accurate solar and wind generation assets anywhere on the planet with a robust and reliable 24/7/365 service.

Our team will accompany you at all times to adjust the parameterisation of the service and the integration of data in the platform to your operations in order to minimise your deviations in the different market horizons.

Our Forecast figures

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