About Gnarum

Your energy,
our passion.

We are a technology company focused on the development of software solutions for the energy sector.
We devise, design and develop value-added tools to enhance our clients’ energy management capabilities.

10 years+ 

working in the energy sector

What drive us

Energy, technology and our passion for building forward-looking solutions that support new paradigms towards efficient and sustainable energy management.

Our mission

Boosting the development of energy companies through SaaS and Ad-Hoc tools that facilitate and enhance their knowledge and management of energy.

Our vision

Renewables cover most of the world’s energy demand. Consumption and generation are configured in a distributed manner through smart grids that efficiently manage each available resource.

Energy companies need to adapt their processes to this digital ecosystem through flexible tools that allow them to operate in an optimal and customised way according to their needs



Aware of the importance of knowledge to guarantee the success of our solutions, Gnarum bases the development of each project on a deep knowledge of the energy sector.


Our team ofdatascientists works transversally to all Gnarum solutions. Its aim is to research and implement new advanced models of value creation in all areas of our solutions.


We do not intend to reinvent the wheel, we simply study, analyse and create projects using the technologies best suited to each situation.


We like to maintain a continuous and fluid communication with our clients. It is the only way we know how to ensure a perfect match between our solutions and your needs.