TRADE | Trading and operations in the Spanish and Portuguese markets

TRADE | Trading and operations in the Spanish and Portuguese markets


Trading and operations in the Spanish and Portuguese markets

System integrated with REE and OMIE

Startegy authorization

Real-time reporting

Detailed monitoring

Trade is the system that authomatizes and strengthens the energy programming in the Spanish and Portuguese electricity markets.

Main features

Web platform

SaaS solution, with the option of licensed implantation in-house. Trade consists of a web page for the integral control of the whole energy operation cycles in the electricity markets.

Operations strategy

Trade enables to build advanced strategies to optimize energy buy/sell operations. Based on each strategy, Trade automatically calculates the adjustments with respect to the forecast in all market sessions.

Master data

Trade interface presents various options to register and modify all master data related with market operations (generation units/Consumption Units, Offering units, programming units, physical units, bilateral contracts.

Operations Monitoring (Interface Eye in the Sky) and tracking

One of the main features of Trade is its robustivity and its strong capacity of completely monitoring in a detailed way all the operations that the user has realized in the market. This monitoring includes categorized notifications about all system events.

Envíos y descarga de ficheros automáticos

Trade automatiza el intercambio de ficheros de oferta, nominación y casación con los operadores OMIE y REE. Ficheros de oferta, nominación, desglose, PDBC, PIBCI, PHF, PDVP, PDBF, precios…son enviados, descargados y procesados de forma desatendida por el sistema.

Reporting and control

All what said above would have no sense without a list of reports that can inform the user during the operation time about the results of the realized biddings. P48 report, managed energy per session, price analysis, results enables to easily get to know the evolution of our market operations.

Get the máximum benefit in your electricity buying and selling operations


With energy forecasting solutions.

Flexible and scalable

Para adaptarse a cambios regulatorios.

Multi-country and multi-certified

For energy producers and suppliers.

Secured access

24*7 Control center

Personalizable interface

Sent Bids/year

Managed energy (GWh)/year



Trade integration with MIC (Continuous intraday market)

Management of virtual aggregation units that will participate in the MIC (confirmation pending).

  1. Forecast Update for specific hours.
  2. Imbalance managing and making orders for LTS (basket orders).
  3. Download and processing of PIBCIC and PIBCAC files.
  4. Automatic download and inclusion of MIC info (requests and transactions).
  5. Sending MIC nominations.
  6. Download and processing of PHFC files.
  1. Created orders report.
  2. MIC session results report.

MIC sessions opening/closing alarms, communication of available operating hours.