TRADE IT | Trading and operations in the italian electricity market


Trading and operations in the italian electricity market

Startegy automatization

Real-time reporting

Deatailed monitoring of all operations

TRADE IT is a platform that automatizes and strengthens the energy programming management in the six different Italian energy market zones.

Main features

Web platform

SaaS solution, with the option of in-house licensed integration. Trade consists of a web for the complete controlling of the whole energy operations cycle in the electricity market.

Operations startegy

Trade Italia enables to building advanced strategies to optimize energy buying and selling operations. On the basis of each defined strategy it automatically calculates the adjustements to forecast in all market sessions. Besides that, it allows to manage bilateral contracts in PCE realizing the sending of commercial transactions and managing the registered strategies to send the related programs.

Master Data

The web interface includes options to register and modify all master data related with market operations (generation and consuption units, bilateral contracts, etc.)

Monitoring (Eye in the Sky) and tracking

One of the major characteristics of Trade Italia is its robustivity and the capacity to strongly and completely monitorize all realized operations in a detailed way. This monitoring activity includes categorized notifications on all system events.

Automatic sending and downloading of operational files

Trade automatizes the bidding files Exchange between the operator and GME. Bids, prices, BN, Transactions, Programs, PGM are sent, downloaded and processed in an automatized way.

Reporting and control

All what said above would have no sense without a list of reports that can inform the user during the operation time about the results of the realized biddings. P48 report, managed energy per session, price analysis, results enables to easily get to know the evolution of our market operations.

Get the máximum benefit out of your buying and selling operations in the italian electricity market

Easy integration

with energy forecast systems.

Flexible and scalable

To get adapted to regulatory changes.

Multi-country and multi-certicication

For energy producers and suppliers.

Secured access

24*7 control centre

Personalizable interface

Would you like to start operating in the italian electricity market?

We give course ad-personam to provide with all the information needed to operate in the Italian market and in PCE.