R&D projects

R&D projects

Gnarum consulting team offers an integral analysis service for the proper development and implementation of personalized technology solutions using the state-of-the-art methods in order to help our customers to satisfy their needs.

Algorithm design and development

We develop algorithm families able to predict energy production for multiple technologies.

Price forecasting models

We develop Price forecasting models for european markets that enable us to classify and break off multiple scenarios in the electricity markets.

Startegic alliances

We strengthen our Alliance with other R&D groups worlwide with a tracked success record in order to make our solutions stronger.

Consulting and studies

We realice personalized studies and analysis focusing on energy production forecast from multiple renewable sources, demand and prices.

Study on algorithms for the selection of features

This kind of projects enables to discover many ways to generate value from the aggregated models.

Resources evaluation

Projects for the technical and economical feasibility of any energy-realted project.


Forecast services

Personalized services

R&D studies