JANUS | Electrical Market Data analysis

JANUS | Electrical Market Data analysis

Analyzes fundamental data to trade in the main european electricty markets

Real-time information

Measurements and forecast

Advanced analysis

Display and analysis of fundamental data for the main european electricity markets

Janus is a web platform that allows to display in an organized, simple and strong way the energy info for the main European countries, which is the key to make the appropriate decisions in the European energy markets.

Authomatizes and manage the download and archiving of data coming from multiple European sources

Meteo services, market operators, TSOs, capacity management JAOs and independent sources.

Real-time information

It enables to display the measured data and the forecast of multiple variables, sources and forecast algorithms

Wind Production Spot Price Offeredcapacity Day ahead Iberdrola Irradiation
FV production Intraday price Requested capacity Week Endesa Temperature
Nuclear production Allocated capacity Weekend Repsol Wind
Hydro production Month Enel Rainfall
Demand Cal Gas Natural
Residual Load Quarter Enagas
Thermal production EDF
Renewable termal production E.ON

Iberia CWE Italia Nord Pool * Baltici* CEE* SEE* UK*
Spain Germany Cnor Sweden Estonia Poland Bulgaria
Portugal Austria Csud Norway Latvia Czech republic Greece
Francia Nord Finland Lithuania Slovakia Bosnia
Switzerland Sud Denmark Hungary Croatia
Holland Sard Rumania Macedonia
Belgium Sici Slovenia

*Coming soon

Data analysis (do it yourself)

The analysis of the screen enables the operators to build their own personalized report with graphs and tables where to easily analyze data from multiple sources.

Save, export and print your personalized reports.

Gnarum R&D team continuously Works with the design and development of forecasting models to increase precision in all countries and in all variables available in JANUS.

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