gSIPS | Analysis of consumption spots for energy suppliers


Analysis of consumption spots for energy suppliers

High speed access

Multiple filters

Monthly update

SIPS system (Consumption Spots Information System) is an information centre on final electricity consumers that enables to access the info given by the local distributors.

Easily Access SIPS information

gSIPS is a web platform that enables to acess and analyze the info given by the Consuption Points Information System (SIPS) in a continuously updated way.

Main features

Web platform

gSIPS allows to Access and analyze the information on the energy consumption spots in Spain through a web interface.

Graphical data display

Access to structural data, consumption data and load curves.

Multi-criteria search

Possibility to separate the search: capacity to extract the data using another different input search criterium.

Consulting multiple CUPS

The application enables to check data of single or multiple CUPS (available exportation to a max of 10.000 CUPS at the same time).


Capacity to integrate with other systems thorugh an API.

High Access speed

High availibility

Flexible and scalable

Secured access


Managed CUPS


Load curves