Energy Forecasting

gWISE: Weather Intelligence System for Energy

Renewable Sources or Variable Energy Resources (VER) like wind and solar plants must consider accurate and precise production forecasts to facilitate proper energy flow. An accurate forecast can create significant economic benefits throughout energy market operations in the form of increased incentives for accurate forecasts and decreased penalties for inaccurate forecasts. To assure the highest possible profitability, it is essential that renewable energy producers utilize a high quality and reliable forecasting tool. GNARUM is here to help.

Through gWISE (Weather Intelligence System for Energy), GNARUM's innovative forecasting engine, our clients have an easy-to-use and accurate tool that automatically forecasts energy generation information in intervals shorter than 5 minutes to as long as 15 days.

Energy generation pricing deviation

The importance of Accuracy

Because the price of our forecasting is strictly correlated to the accuracy of our predictions, it is a win-win business model for GNARUM and our clients.

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Why gWISE?

Best In Class:
gWISE is more accurate than industry-leading firms in benchmarking studies.

Risk Mitigation:
Minimizing risk is essential for companies in the renewable energy sector. The unpredictability surrounding the generation and operation of renewable energy installations is something every successful company must address. gWISE helps reduce both operational and market risk through accurate forecasting and seamlessly integrated services. Furthermore, because the price of our forecasting service is strictly correlated to the accuracy of our predictions, it is a win-win business model for GNARUM and our clients.

gWISE is available for wind, solar PV, hydroelectric, CSP, tidal energy, and CHP generation facilities.

gWISE forecasts are available worldwide.

gWISE is dynamic. The R&D team at GNARUM implements improvements continuously, ensuring the latest technological developments are utilized in the algorithms and functionality of the system.

Customer Oriented:
gWISE adapts to your needs and can operate with or without metered production. It is also able to optimize predictions according to the size of the installation portfolio and caters forecasting results to the individual operator in order to maximize the profits for your unique set of generation facilities. Because of this capability, gWISE can help you achieve overall performance that is greater than if you were to operate your individual facilities independently.