gSIPS: Load Data Platform for Spanish Power Suppliers

gSIPS is a platform that allows for a quick processing and analysis of power consumers data such as structural information, load curves and load data. This solution permits data filtering and quick access to the data base

gSIPS plataforma acceso a datos de puntos de suministro

panel principal sIPS

Key Features:

· Quick access to structural information, load data, load curves, etc.
· Query of data for One single CUPS as well as multiple CUPS
· Search filters: Date range, power tariff, zip code, load curves, contracted power, etc.
· Ability to export data files
· Electricity distributor files regularly updated
· Database regularly updated
· High-availability architecture and comprehensive security
· 24/7 support service
. SaaS and license model

Suitable for:

· Power suppliers
· Utilities