Energy Trading Platform
for the Italian Power Exchange Market


Reliable Solutions for Energy Management

GNARUM solution for energy trading

Energy Trading Platform for Electricity Markets

TRADE helps traders in spotting arbitrage opportunities between different markets and time periods and provides an added value when planning and implementing trading strategies. TRADE integrates into a single platform all required functionalities to operate in european electricity markets, enables the optimization of the daily processes and increases the reliability related to energy bidding transactions (...)

Energy Forecasting

FORECAST integrates forecasting algorithms developed by GNARUM and represents a comprehensive tool able to provide highgly accurate power forecast for wind, solar, hydro and CPC assets anywhere in the world. This allows our clients to reduce operational costs and manage risks related to renewable energy generation (...)

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gSIPS soluzione ad accesso rapido per l’elaborazione di dati strutturali, curve di carico

Load Data Platform for Spanish Power Suppliers

gSIPS is a platform that allows for a quick processing and analysis of power consumers data such as structural information, load curves and load data. This solution permits data filtering and quick access to the data base (...)

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GNARUM solution for energy trading

Data & Fundamentals Analysis Platform

DATAFEED is a practical tool that integrates valuable information with influence on trading trends such as prices, models, fundamentals, etc. With configurable views of data, users are able to rapidly sort or filter to isolate the key information which facilitates better decision-making during the trading strategy definition process (...)

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"If you want to get different results, do something different"
Albert Einstein



GNARUM offers a full service of analysis, development and implementation, mapping customer needs and business objectives in order to improve our clients leadership.

Custom Projects

Our technology consultants have an extensive experience developing and implementing innovative .NET solutions as well as development projects on SAP environment.
GNARUM applies cutting-edge technologies and agile work methodologies with the purpose of providing the client an efficient system which gives a significant competitive advantage to lead his business sector.

.NET Developments
Our developers team has the capacity and the expertise to undertake complex .NET projects. GNARUM applies agile work methodologies during the design and implementation phases that permits to obtain flexible and reliable solutions in accordance with customer planning.

ENCOURAGE is an European framework project aiming to develop embedded intelligence and integrated technologies that directly optimize energy consumption in buildings and enable active participation in the smart grid environment.

The ENCOURAGE EU project was funded partly by the European Commission (Joint Undertaking) and partly by contributions from national funds. The project involved 11 partners from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Denmark.

Gestensis is a Spanish R&D project which primary objective is to develop a business intelligent platform in order to manage power consumption and energy generation in tertiary-use buildings. This solution integrates all functionalities required by power managers: analytical dashboard, data collection of renewable energy production and power consumption, energy forecast, etc.

SAP environment

Custom SAP Solutions
Our SAP environment team has wide experience developing projects based on SAP modules. They analyze customers requirements in order to bring a more effective solution that empowers their business.

Energy Sales & Purchases Settlement Solution
GNARUM has developed an specific solution running on SAP that permits an exhaustive and reliable settlement and controlling process. This solution is based on SAP Logistics modules: Sales & Distribution (SD), Purchases (MM) and Finance & Accounting (FI).

Energy Asset Management Solution
Comprehensive SAP R/3 solution addressed to renewable asset management. It includes an intensive development of the ERP FI-CO SAP module.


GNARUM offers different service agreement options that ensure the optimum performance of systems.

Maintenance of GNARUM solutions
Solutions developed by GNARUM include a free bank of hours for system maintenance purposes in order to prevent unexpected events regarding daily operations.

System Administration
GNARUM provides customers a full team of experts in systems maintenance which will guarantee the full availability and proper functioning condition of your systems.

Support 24/7

Due to the critical nature of each process carried out by our solutions, GNARUM provides customers a 24/7 support service which ensures a quick and efficient response for any given situation allowing the normal development of your business.


GNARUM is a cutting-edge technology company that provides Business Solutions and IT Services for energy sector.

Our Vision

Renewable enery sources are universal and capable to cover energy necessities of humanity. An intensive participation and integration of these resources onto the grid will solve the energy problem. The combination of energetic and informational sources becomes essential for this process.

The primary purpose of GNARUM is to become the key to our customers success. It is for that reason that we offer them our experience and knowledge through implementation and integration of our own IT solutions which enable to speed up processes related to energy as: renewable energy founds management, monitoring, energy forecasting, operation, analysis, settlement and trading.

Our Mission

The mission of GNARUM is to gather, organize and comprehend energy related information of the world and to make it accessible for users in order to optimize the operations of energy generation and consumption.

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