FORECAST: Energy Forecasting

FORECAST integrates forecasting algorithms developed by GNARUM and represents a comprehensive tool able to provide highgly accurate power forecast for wind, solar, hydro and CPC assets anywhere in the world. This allows our clients to reduce operational costs and manage risks related to renewable energy generation.

Forecast, energy prediction algorithms,configuration does make Forecast a comprehensive energy market

Key Features:

· Nowcasting, Short-Term & Long-Term Forecasting
· Service configuration according to customer requirements: file format, delivery method and frecuency , time basis, etc.
· Integration of Metering data
· Reporting
· Complete integration with other components such as asset management, settlement, etc.
· High-availability architecture and comprehensive security
· 24/7 support service

Suitable for:

· O&M of renewable assets
· Electricity System Operators
· Power suppliers / utilities
· RTOs / ISOs
· Power market players
· Investment funds with energy assets
· Etc.