DATAFEED: Data & Fundamentals Analysis Platform

Data Analysis & Fundamentals Platform

DATAFEED is a practical tool that integrates valuable information with influence on trading trends such as prices, models, fundamentals, etc. With configurable views of data, users are able to rapidly sort or filter to isolate the key information which facilitates better decision-making during the trading strategy definition process.

plataforma de acceso a datos y variables fundamentales

Key Features:

· Ability to integrate data from multiple vendors
· System configuration according to customer requirements
· Field filter to select data displayed
· Data Integration & database update automation
· Complete integration with other components such as forecast, settlement, etc.
· High-availability architecture and comprehensive security
· 24/7 support service
. SaaS and license model

Suitable for:

· Power market analysts
· Investment funds with energy assets
· Market players
· Power suppliers
· Utilities
· Etc.