TRADE SP: Spanish Power Market

Trading Platform for Electricity Markets

Trade helps traders in spotting arbitrage opportunities between different markets and time periods and provides an added value when planning and implementing trading strategies. TRADE integrates into a single platform all required functionalities to operate in european electricity markets, enables the optimization of the daily processes and increases the reliability related to energy bidding transactions

Piattaforma di Gestione e Operatività nel Mercato Elettrico Spagnolo

Key Features

· Strategy engine
· Ability to define advanced trading strategies
· Connected to Iberian Market Operator (OMIE) and Electricity System Operator (REE)
· Complete audit trail with transactions track and record
· Accommodates the adaption of future regulatory changes
· Detailed reporting of operational and financial results
· Complete integration with other components such as forecast, settlement, etc.
· High-availability architecture and comprehensive security
· 24/7 support service
. SaaS and license model

Suitable for:

· Traders & Brokers
· Power suppliers / utilities
· Investment funds with energy assets
· Etc.