Energy Forecasting

GNARUMs´ energy forecast service allows our customers to optimize operational and financial results of renewable energy assets. Service features as high reliability, accuracy and toughness are remarkable

The competitive edge of GNARUM as forecast provider stems from the algorithms that calculate energy forecast.

Forecast, energy prediction algorithms,configuration does make Forecast a comprehensive energy market

Our forecasting models integrate among others:
· Data from NWP
· Service configuration according to customer requirements: file format, delivery method and frecuency , time basis, etc.
· Real time data
· Geographic and meteorological data

All this information is interpreted and used as input for neural network models which main feature is that have learning ability between current relations and input/output vectors. Training the neural network, GNARUM reduces errors.

GNARUM´s energy forecasting service is set up according customer requirements. The selection to choose the algorithm to run depends on: generation technology, horizon time, metering data refreshment period, etc.

Specific Services
Having different energy generation technologies require different mathematical models for forecasting purposes, that is the reason why GNARUM offers specific solutions for each technology.